It's Not About Us

We aren't that interesting, or athletic for that matter, but we do remember some fun experiences through playing sports. Very few of these moments are ESPN highlights (none actually) or even game winning heroics. Most of our memories didn't even happen in an organized setting, but rather with a few friends, or even solo, as we developed the rules on the fly based on the equipment and space available. However, we did learn to compete and have fun, while unbeknownst to us probably learning a few life lessons along the way.  

Sports has provided countless "Where were you when..." highlights from our favorite professional athletes, but even the greatest athletes don't just show up and hit the game winner. Like us, they practiced that shot 1000s of times alone on a nondescript hoop or goal long before anyone even knew their name.  Regardless of athletic ability or fame, those moments tie us all together and provide the true essence of what the games are all about.  

So rather than an "About Us" section, we are sharing a vision and hope that you will join us in telling these stories as we strive to provide the same opportunity for every kid to experience Sport'n Goods Moments.

Robb and Brett


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