Family Provides The First Teammates

basketball family hoops

Connor Nolte
Atlanta, GA
@connornolte on Instagram

I remember it like it was yesterday. Standing at the top of the basement stairs in a huddle with my sister, Lauren, and brother, Evan. We’re wearing breakaway warmup pants we got for Christmas, an assortment of headbands and armbands, and patiently waiting for the show to start. Dad hits play on the boombox and starts flickering the lights as the legendary Chicago Bulls intro song, Sirius, starts to play. Mom puts on her best PA announcer voice...“And now... from Milwaukee, Wisconsin... Number Eleven... Connor... NOOOOOOLTEEEEEEE.”

And that night's festivities, maybe a dunk contest, free throw competition, or game of HORSE would begin. To me, the Little Tikes hoop represents sport at its purest. Kids playing in the basement for hours, making up rules, emulating our heroes until it was time for dinner.

Connor, thank you for showing us that family provides the first teammates. #SNGmoments

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