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Peter Robert Casey
Bronx, NY
@peterrobertcasey on Instagram

I grew up in the Southeast end of Brooklyn, a working-class neighborhood called Marine Park. Yards are a frill in Brooklyn, but I was fortunate enough to have one, including a cramped slab of cement that served as a basketball court. It was there that I fell in love with the game. When my sister died abruptly and unexpectedly at 10 years old -- I was nine -- basketball became my outlet. My coping mechanism. My escape. Through the game, I met most of my lifelong friends, carved out an off-the-court career, and indirectly met my wife. But, it all starts in that backyard. Chain net, lowered rim, Nike hightops. And doing my best Harold Miner impression after he snatched the '93 Slam Dunk crown. Don't mind the soccer ball. Dr. Naismith used one, too. 

PRC, thank you for reminding us that ball is life.

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